mercoledì 4 agosto 2010

firehelmetcollection news

While I welcome the new guests that discover the blog, and thank the friends that come see often or once in a while, I want to share the happiness for the arrival of the helmets from Kenya and Nicaragua, to be seen on next posts with, as usual, informations about the men that are using or used them. This morning arrived a package from Tokyo that brought a great addiction to the helmets, to be seen soon, too. I remember to the fellows visiting the site from India, Chili, Venezuela, Hungary, Russia, Estonia, Poland, Peru and Thailand that I am looking for helmets from their countries and any help would be welcome! Contact me at: I promise to answer soon! If you have problems to understand the italian text in the posts try using the "translate" option in your browser! Happy surfing on these pages! Have a nice summer.

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